Higher Feed Intake Improves Gut Health and Performance

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Higher Feed Intake Improves Gut Health and Performance
The number one objective for the newly weaned pig is feed consumption. Hubbard Feeds research has shown that anything that can be done to improve feed intake will improve ADG. Extra pounds added in the nursery will be multiplied in the finisher phase, saving days to market and improving wean-finish feed efficiency.

The area of gut health and performance is one that Hubbard Feeds has placed a heavy focus on due
to its significant benefit to pig performance and overall economics. Research shows that there is less
intestinal damage in weaned pigs when feed intake is high enough. Higher feed intake can lead to longer intestinal villa, improved absorption of nutrients and the reduction of disease causing bacteria like E. coli. Healthier pigs require less individual treatments which saves veterinary costs and decreases labor expense. “A group of pigs that are not slowed in the starter phases by gut problems will have less weight variation in the finisher and a higher percentage of full value pigs at market weight“, reports Dr. Stewart Galloway, Senior Swine Nutritionist at Hubbard Feeds.

Hubbard Feeds is proud to introduce an all-natural fermentation based feed additive used to promote gut health and productivity. Research on GutCIE (Gut Conditioner, Intake Enhancer) has shown to increase feed intake 5% and ADG 5% the first 21 days in the nursery compared to control. This results in pigs being about 1.7 lb heavier in just 3 weeks. Gut health in a young pig is the foundation for consistent intake and strong performance. Hubbard Feeds is building a platform of products and technologies to provide optimal gut health to young pigs and GutCIE is just one of those components. More information will be revealed in the coming months.