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Raising pigs: Balancing affordability and productivity

It’s been a tough time for pig farmers lately, with low hog markets — and even tougher for those farmers who have experienced increased death loss and reproductive problems from porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) and other diseases. Read More
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Battle of the sexes

To further refine and more closely match the growing pig’s nutrient requirements, producers can also implement split-sex feeding in conjunction with phase feeding. Read More
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It takes Viligen™ to raise a pig

Supporting gut health for more all-value pigs. Hubbard Feeds, part of the Alltech Feed Division, has developed Viligen™, a blend of short-chain fatty acids, prebiotic components and minerals to address the need for enhanced gut health status in weaned pigs. Read More
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Corn Quality vs Quantity

The U.S. does an amazing job at growing corn, especially in the corn belt. Corn typically pollinates in July and corn quality is affected by weather conditions. Read More