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Thrive with STRIVE

Dairy producers are always looking for ways to improve and to do so economically. A common goal for many producers is to increase growth in their calf programs without breaking the bank. Hubbard’s Strive program helps dairy producers capture increased calf growth without jeopardizing calf starter intake, thereby maximizing growth in the weeks immediately post weaning. The Strive program was developed from 3 research projects with 100+ calves per trial over all seasons at the University of Minnesota-Waseca Calf Research Facility.

Hubbard’s Strive Calf Program utilizes a 24% CP and a 20% fat, milk replacer and Hubbard’s Elite 18% texturized calf starter. By Feeding 5 quarts (1.56 lbs.) of milk replacer solution a day, calves are able to maintain starter intake allowing calves to transition into weaning better. The increased level of milk replacer CP allows for more structural growth, producing calves that are taller, wider and heavier at weaning. Our research shows that the improvement in starter intake allows calves to maintain increased ADG through 4 weeks post weaning when compared to other calf feeding programs as noted in the graphs below.  (24:20-4qt fed 1.25 lbs/day, 24:20-5qt fed 1.56 lbs/day, 24:16-5qt fed 1.56 lbs/day, 24:16-6qt fed 1.88 lbs/day, and 26:16-6qt fed 1.88 lbs/day).




Calf Starter is often overlooked, but plays a very important role in how calves perform, especially in the later weeks of the milk feeding period. Hubbard’s Strive Calf Program, a combination of 24-20 milk replacer with the Elite 18% texturized starter, allows for increased starter intake, providing better rumen development, and a smoother transition into the post weaning phase. A smooth transition through the post weaning period improves growth and calves maintain the growth gains they experience on the Strive program all the way through the grower phase.



Conclusion: Feeding Hubbard’s Strive Calf Program provides a higher plain of nutrition to achieve improved growth while maintaining starter intake to support superior post-weaning growth.

Get more information on the STRIVE Calf Program by visiting our website.

Safety Message: Winter is upon us and with winter comes ice. Ice can be very dangerous when walking around calf hutches and panels. Helpful tips:

- Making sure you have sure footing.

- Minimize dumping water in high traffic/walking areas.

- Put down salt or gravel to decrease the likely hood of slipping.

- Wearing shoes which help prevent slipping.


Do you have a non-listed dealer in the Texarkana AR to DeKalb TX area that either has your product or could ship to?

Posted By J L Lewis on 1/12/2015 3:01:31 PM

Thanks for visiting our blog, J.L. We will send dealer information to you via the e-mail address you submitted so please watch for an e-mail from us.

Posted By Hubbard Feeds Team on 1/14/2015 9:11:33 AM



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