Butch Whitman, Ph.D., Dipl. ACAN

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Beef and Sheep Nutritionist, Certified, American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists

R.W. "Butch" Whitman was raised on a commercial cow-calf ranch in Colorado and attended Colorado State University where he received his doctorate degree in animal science in 1975.  His research relating cow body condition to rebreeding performance has been widely used in the cattle industry to help manage cowherds for optimum reproductive performance.

Following graduation from CSU, Dr. Whitman became a professor in Animal and Range Sciences at Montana State University where he taught classes in beef production and management and researched strategies for winter feeding, heifer development and herd replacement.  In 1984, he became director of research and education for the American Simmental Association, where he helped seed stock producers throughout the nation to develop and implement sire evaluation and herd improvement programs. 

Since 1989, Dr. Whitman has served as a consulting nutritionist for MoorMan’s, ADM Alliance Nutrition, and Westfeeds helping producers in Montana and Wyoming to plan and manage grazing and cattle feeding programs.  He is Board Certified in both beef and sheep nutrition by the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists.


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