SIL-ALL® 4 X 4 Granular


SIL-ALL® 4 X 4 Dry Inoculant is a dry form of silage inoculant containing a blend of Lactobacillus plantarum, Enterococcus faecium, Pediococcus acidilactici, Bacillus pumilus and the enzymes amylase, cellulase, hemicellulase and pentosanase. The bacteria are microencapsulated and are combined with the enzymes to optimize benefits from the silage inoculant. 

About the Product

SIL-ALL 4 X 4  Dry silage inoculant uses a combination of bacteria to aid in the fermentation of ensiled materials, by rapidly lowering the pH of the forage to protect proteins. Faster fermentation will minimize ensiling losses and conserve dry matter to boost feed value. SIL-ALL 4 X 4 Dry is formulated to minimize unpalatable acetic acid production.

Four specially selected strains of lactic acid-producing bacteria give SIL-ALL 4 X 4 the ability to operate effectively across a wide range of conditions. These beneficial strains dominate the less efficient naturally occurring bacteria, increasing the effectiveness of the fermentation and reduces effluent loss.

At the same time, four different enzymes work to release extra sugars quickly and efficiently from the different carbohydrate sources in the forage. This is particularly important in different ensiling conditions. 

Feeding Directions
                                                         SIL-ALL 4 X 4  Dry Inoculant
APPLICATION RATES: 300,000 cfu/gm rate 200,000 cfu/gm rate
Grass or legume silage 1 lb./ton 0.67 lb./ton
Corn silage 1 lb./ton 0.67 lb./ton

Apply SIL-ALL 4 X 4 Dry Inoculant Uniformly to the Silage:

  • Spread over each wagon load prior to unloading, or
  • Spread on top of each load of forage in the storage facility, or
  • Use mechanical metering device at the chopper, blower or elevator.
  • Always use a moisture meter.
  • Always employ good silage management practices.


Management Tips

  • Cut and wilt forage during favorable weather conditions.
  • Harvest forage or grain at ideal maturity and at correct moisture levels.
  • Always use a moisture meter when possible.
  • Chop to optimum length based on forage type and processing to ensure adequate packing.
  • Add SIL-ALL 4 X 4 Dry silage inoculant uniformly at correct usage levels.
  • Ensile the forage as quickly as possible.
  • Pack well and seal or cover securely.

Storage and Handling Tips:
Store SIL-ALL 4 X 4 Dry silage inoculant in a cool, dry area. Storage under these conditions is 12 months.

NOTICE: Due to conditions of use which are beyond our control, no expressed or implied warranties are made for this product beyond the guaranteed microbial analysis.

Sil-All® is a registered trademark of Lallemand Animal Nutrition, Milwaukee, WI

Product Number

#80GA—Sil-All® 4x4 Dry Silage Inoculant, 25 kg bag