OptiPass® Choline

OptiPass Choline is encapsulated choline chloride designed for dairy cattle. The encapsulation of OptiPass Choline allows for passage of choline chloride through the rumen to the small intestine where it can be utilized.

About the Product

OptiPass Choline Supplementation
Supplemental choline has been shown to effectively enhance the liver’s ability to metabolize non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) and reduce amounts of fat accumulated in the liver.

In early lactation cows mobilize fat from body stores to provide energy, this fat shows up in blood and eventually the liver as NEFA. Once in the liver NEFA are either:

  1. Broken down and used for energy or,
  2. Converted into triglycerides. These triglycerides are then either stored or with the help of choline used for energy. When triglycerides accumulate in the liver, a condition commonly known as fatty liver occurs, and metabolic disorders follow.

Choline can either be synthesized by the cow or supplemented. Choline synthesis utilizes a large amount of methionine, decreasing methionine available for milk synthesis.

Supplemental unprotected choline is highly degraded in the rumen limiting its effectiveness. Having a consistent quantity of choline, such as the encapsulated form found in OptiPass Choline increases availablity in the intestine and can help reduce the incidence of metabolic disorders caused by fatty liver syndrome.

Encapsulation Technology 
The choline chlroide in OptiPass Choline is coated using a unique encapsulation process called Micropearls®. Micropearls is a spray freezing technique that uses very low temperatures (-76 F) to embed the ingredients in a vegetable polymer matrix that results in a microgranule resistant to degradation in the rumen. Once past the rumen, the microgranules are subject to normal digestive processes in the abomasum and small intestine, allowing for release and absorption of the choline chloride.

The Micropearls process makes OptiPass Choline pellet stable. (The Micropearls technology is a proprietary process of SODA Feed Ingredients, a worldwide supplier of encapsulated and rumen protected nutrients.)

Nutrient Analysis

Choline chloride..............................24.0%

Feeding Directions

Feed to dairy cows at the rate of 2 oz./head/day.


This product has been formulated specifically for dairy cattle and is not intended for other species.

Product Number

#23147—OptiPass Choline, 25 Kg

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