High Energy

High Energy

Hubbard® Life High Energy Dog Food is a premium high protein, high energy, soy-free dog food that provides all the nutrition dogs need. Hubbard Life High Energy is formulated to meet the higher nutritional needs of the active, hardworking dog. This complete, nutrient dense diet promotes sleeker coats, sound skeletal development and top performance.

About the Product
  • Hubbard Life High Energy Dog Food contains highly digestible protein sources and amino acids provided by animal, poultry and vegetable proteins all for muscle development and growth.
  • Choice, high quality fat is added as a concentrated source of energy to meet the active dog’s requirements for calories and essential fatty acids.  Added fat also improves digestibility and palatability.
  • Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids support healthy skin, a shiny hair coat and an improved immune response.
  • Increased digestibility results in a lower feeding rate and thus lower cost per day.
  • Natural palatability enhancers are added to stimulate appetite and performance.
  • Increased digestibility results in lower feeding rates and thus lower cost per day.
  • Does not contain ethoxyquin or artificial colorings or flavors.
  • Hubbard Life High Energy is complete and balanced for all stages of a dog’s life in accordance with the procedures established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Nutrient Analysis

Crude Protein, min % 24.0
Crude Fat, min % 20.0
Crude Fiber, max % 3.5
Moisture, max % 10.0
Omega-3, Fatty Acids, min % 0.24*
Omega-6 Fatty Acids, min % 2.4*

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Calorie Content
Metabolizable Energy (ME) = 3963 Kcal/kg (Calculated)

Feeding Directions

Hubbard Life High Energy Dog Food can be fed right from the bag or mixed with water. Mix 1 part warm water with 4 parts dry food. Hubbard Life High Energy Dog Food will retain its shape when served moist.

Always have clean, fresh water available for your dog.

Mature dogs should be fed once or twice per day. Find your dog’s approximate weight on the chart to determine the amount of food you should feed daily. Your dog’s age, activity level and environment may require adjustments to the amounts listed in the chart below.

Adult dog body weight Standard 8 oz measuring cups per day
Toy 3-12 lb 1/3 - 1
Small 12-15 lb 1 - 2
Medium 25-50 lb 2 - 4
Large 50-80 lb 4 - 5
Very Large over 80 lb 5 - 8 plus ¼ cup for each 10 lb body weight over 100 lb

Pregnant, nursing or growing (puppy) dogs may be fed this diet. Use the adult feeding chart as a guide and adjust the amount fed according to appetite (minimum of 3–4 times per day), activity level and body condition. These dogs tend to have higher nutrient requirements and may eat 30-50% more food.

Dogs kept outdoors during cold winter months may require 35–50% more food. Hot weather may decrease your dog’s appetite.

General Guidelines



This product has been formulated specifically for dogs and is not intended for other species.

Product Number

#33879—Hubbard® Life High Energy, 40 lb.