Kick It Up™

Kick It Up™ Sow TopDress NAP is a palatable, nutrient dense feed designed to be used in lactation when feed intakes are low.  Kick It Up Sow TopDress NAP does not contain any animal products.

About the Product

Kick It Up Sow TopDress NAP contains intake enhancers and a blend of plant proteins, energy and vitamin E designed to stimulate intake and to provide extra nutrient fortification when sow intakes are low. A special blend of gut enhancement products helps improve the gut environment.

When to Use

  • Gilts on their first lactation
  • After farrowing when intakes are low
  • When sows have gone off feed
  • Underconditioned sows
  • During hot weather when intakes are depressed

Features & Benefits

  • Sweeteners and other ingredients designed to promote intake.
  • Extra protein fortification which increases daily intake of amino acids.
  • Yeast products designed to provide a good gut environment which helps stimulate intake.
  • Contains GutCIE, a product unique to Hubbard that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • OptiRemedy – a source of essential oils which promotes a healthier gut environment.


Nutrient Analysis

Crude Protein, min % 38.0
Lysine, min % 2.5
Crude Fat, min 4.0
Crude Fiber, max % 7.7
Calcium, min % 0.2
Calcium, max % 0.7
Phosphorus, min % 0.5
Feeding Directions

Feed Kick It Up Sow TopDress NAP at the rate of 1.0 pound per head daily with the lactation diet.  Thoroughly mix Kick It Up TopDress NAP into each feeding for optimum consumption. Always supply a source of fresh, clean water.

Product Number

#44060 - Kick It Up™ Sow TopDress NAP, 50 lb.

All products may not be available in all market areas and other products may be offered. Check with your local Hubbard shipping plant or sales representative.