Part of the Alltech® family of companies since 2015 and in business since 1878, Hubbard Feeds has a long history of providing research-based nutrition products and innovative support services. We are driven to provide our customers with products and answers that will improve their profitability, increase their competitive advantage, reduce their risk and simplify their lives.

In addition, we are dedicated to developing more sustainable agri-solutions for both current and future generations. Together, with Alltech's more than 5,000 talented team members from across the globe, we believe in “Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™.” With the adoption of new technologies and better farm management practices as well as the ingenuity inherent in the human spirit, we believe a world of abundance can be ours.

Through improved nutrition and continuous scientific innovation, we are committed to improving the value and quality of feedstuffs, providing a nutritional platform for animals to achieve their inherent genetic potential and, ultimately, supporting producers as they deliver more plentiful, safe and nutritious food for us all.



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