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By Ellan Dufour, M.S., Jun 17, 2020
Whole milk can be an excellent source of nutrition for calves if managed correctly. Some of the most common questions we receive from producers using a whole milk program are: How much whole milk can I feed my calves? When and how should I be weaning my calves? And what can I expect in terms of calf performance? ..READ MORE ›

By Logan Horst, Jun 10, 2020
Coronavirus has changed us. It’s forced us to think differently. Our status quos have been challenged, and it’s how we choose to respond that will shape our future...READ MORE ›

By Justin Brenneman, Jun 10, 2020
As seasons change and temperatures rise, it is no surprise to dairy farmers that cows may experience heat stress. In the U.S. alone, experts estimate a loss of $5–6 billion a year due to decreased animal performance and lost milk production...READ MORE ›