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By Tyler Melroe, M.S., Jun 08, 2021
Weaning weight is an important indicator of a ranch’s output, as it can serve as a gauge of what that cow herd produced in that particular year and is a major driver of the ranch’s income. Two tangible solutions for ranchers to improve their weaning weights are to select bulls with more weaning performance and to offer creep feed to nursing calves...READ MORE ›

By Henrique Cemin, Ph.D., May 17, 2021
It is well-known that hog prices in the United States have a predictable seasonal pattern, with prices peaking in the summer. This phenomenon is driven by several factors, but “supply vs. demand” provides a logical explanation and helps us understand how to maximize our customers’ profitability during this period...READ MORE ›

By Jon Pretz, PH.D., May 12, 2021
Increasing ingredient costs have wreaked havoc across the dairy industry, leading to elevated ration costs not seen in many years. Feed costs per pound of dry matter are rising as much as 20% or more as corn and soybean meal prices climb, minimizing farmers’ profit margins. ..READ MORE ›