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By Jon Pretz, PH.D., Sep 13, 2021
Feed costs represent 40–60% of the total cost of producing milk on dairy farms in the United States and are most dairies’ number-one expense. The prices that producers pay for purchased forages, commodities and ingredients greatly impact feed costs and the farm’s potential profitability...READ MORE ›

By Garrett Preedy, M.S., Aug 10, 2021
Every year, around the end of the fall harvest, cattle producers contemplate what to do with their freshly weaned calves: either hold ’em or sell ’em. ..READ MORE ›

By Bruce Ziegler, Jul 28, 2021
The 2021 growing season has been quite variable in many parts of the country. As of late July, crops being grown for livestock feed have been experiencing moderate to severe drought stress in several geographical areas...READ MORE ›