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By Dr. Ed Bonnette, Apr 02, 2020
As I was wheeling out a delectable-smelling load of horse manure to the pile outside the barn the other day, I was thinking about the old saying, “There are only two things that you have to do in life: die and pay taxes.” Well, there should be a corollary to this that states, “And if you have animals, you will move manure.”..READ MORE ›

By Daniel Herold, Ph.D., Mar 31, 2020
Since the advent of the ethanol boom in the upper Midwest, distillers grains (also known simply as distillers) have become a staple ingredient in cattle rations. Known to enhance both ration palatability and animal performance, distillers are a natural fit for all classes of cattle, from feedlot to cow/calf production...READ MORE ›

By Angie Golombeski, Ph.D., Mar 26, 2020
The 2019 growing and harvest season presented many challenges for farmers. Substantial rainfall in the spring made it difficult to get into fields and delayed planting. Late harvest was also common, as frequent rainfall delayed the harvest season, resulting in forages being put up under less than ideal conditions...READ MORE ›