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By Dr. Andrew Bents, Mar 21, 2023
Gut health in pigs continues to be a focus area for producers and veterinarians. Growing consumer concerns, along with an increased frequency of resistant pathogen challenges, are demanding that our industry explore options beyond the conventional use of antibiotics to address these challenges. Interest in phytobiological products continues to grow in the veterinary community..READ MORE ›

By Jon Pretz, PH.D., Mar 10, 2023
Incorporating soybeans and their byproducts into dairy cattle rations is a fairly common practice throughout the United States. Depending on how they are processed, soybeans can provide high-quality protein and energy from fat. ..READ MORE ›

By Ellan Dufour, M.S., Feb 26, 2023
What’s stressful to a young dairy calf? I think we all know the answer: almost everything. From the birthing process to human handling, transport and shipping, vaccinations, exposure to pathogens, the environment, housing and even nutrition, stress can show up in many different shapes and forms to a calf — and not all calves will respond the same to those stressors...READ MORE ›