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By Ernie Hansen, M.S., Sep 21, 2022
Continuously challenging accepted norms is often the instigation of new technologies. For example, the most accepted method of feeding nursery pigs is to offer a three-, four- or five-phase feeding regimen. However, Hubbard POWERSTART® Solo nursery feed has successfully challenged that norm..READ MORE ›

By Jon Pretz, PH.D., Sep 12, 2022
When visiting dairy producers, I am always curious to learn more about their feeding programs. One area I make a point of discussing is trace mineral nutrition. More often than not, producers are unsure or unaware of the type of minerals they are feeding their cows...READ MORE ›

By Ben Jensen, Aug 22, 2022
Nobody would argue that corn is not a highly versatile and valuable crop. Just ask any FFA member, and they will tell you that it grows in all 50 states. A large percentage of it lies in the Midwest, but because of its wide range of uses, high demand and flexibility, corn is grown in a large spectrum of soil types and climates. ..READ MORE ›