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By Henrique Cemin, Ph.D., May 18, 2020
POWERSTART™ Solo is a single-phase diet designed to be fed from weaning until 25 pounds of body weight. It was developed through years of research on lactose levels, soybean meal and gut health...READ MORE ›

By Dr. Ed Bonnette, Apr 29, 2020
That statement caught my eye. Are we “worming” our animals or “de-worming” them? Everyone uses those words interchangeably..READ MORE ›

By Tyler Melroe, M.S., Apr 14, 2020
It doesn’t matter what time of year it is — the potential for hoof injuries and infections exists in all types of environments. Producers’ “beef” with this is understandable. Treatment is time-consuming and costly and, in some cases, foot issues lead to an animal’s disposal. When dealing with foot-related problems, it is critical for producers to understand the full spectrum of issues that can lead to lameness...READ MORE ›