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By Josh Stroh, M.S., Apr 12, 2021
Water is the most critical nutrient but often overlooked for its importance and contribution to animal nutrition. Cattle require an adequate, available supply of fresh water to enable metabolic processes of the body...READ MORE ›

By Ben Jensen, Mar 30, 2021
Silage is not immune to the many challenges we face on the farm, and the risks begin before it even becomes silage. Agronomists do their part in helping you grow an excellent crop that should yield excellent feed for the coming year. ..READ MORE ›

By Angie Golombeski, Ph.D., Mar 23, 2021
Since heifer-rearing costs represent the second-greatest cost to the dairy (behind feed costs for the lactating herd), there has been much discussion regarding the optimal age at first calving. ..READ MORE ›