At Hubbard Feeds, eight core values define how we work together, and our relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.


1. Put Safety First

Be personally committed to our goal of creating a world-class safety culture at Alltech Inc.

2. Take Ownership 

Preserve the entrepreneurial spirit that's essential to our success by treating your job and this company as if it were your own.

3. Be Passionate About Our Customers

Recognize that what sets us apart from our competitors is a passion for our customers, their businesses or avocations, and for serving their needs.

4. Manage Risk

Be realistic about the challenges that lie ahead, and see risk management as a means to create confidence, resilience and sustainability.

5. Show Your Character

Let those you interact with see your honesty, integrity and accountability. Be aware of the impact we have on our community and the environment.

6. Embrace Change

Understand that receptiveness to change is essential for progress.

7. Improve Continuously

Keep thinking about how you can improve. Learn new skills, share new ideas, and your career and our company will reap the benefits.

8. Communicate Openly

Success in everything we do will depend on open, honest and clear communication.