Ellan Dufour

Dairy Research Nutritionist

Ellan earned her M.S. degree in Dairy Nutrition at the University of Nebraska under Dr. Paul Kononoff. Her research areas included total-tract fiber and protein digestibility of distillers grains, and evaluating the use of DNA as a marker to correct for bacterial crude protein on in situ residues of varying fiber concentrations. Ellan also completed her B.S. degree at Nebraska, while competing for the Women’s Swimming and Diving team. Once Ellan completed her graduate degree, she moved to the small town of Clearwater, NE for a short time working as a calf specialist on a family-owned dairy before joining the Hubbard Dairy team.
Ellan’s responsibilities within Hubbard include coordinating dairy calf research, dairy formulation verification and support, and management & customer support in regards to the calf and heifer product line.
In her free time, Ellan enjoys spending time outdoors, bird watching, and hanging out with her cat.