Christie Underwood, PH.D.

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Christie Underwood
Dairy Nutritionist

Christie Underwood brings 20 years of experience in dairy consultation to Hubbard Feeds. She devotes her time to consulting dairy managers and owners of large herds and calf and heifer ranches. By scheduling regular times on farms as needed, she works to meet producers’ needs to achieve goals for their animals and economic objectives. 

Her focus involves careful observation of young animal diets and frequent walk-throughs. She offers advice in planning feeds and forages. She has extensive experience ensuring that cows meet their milk production and health goals. For each dairy, Christie provides individual advice about rations, emphasizing the best economic combinations of feeds. Proficient in Spanish, she communicates with employees and enjoys teaching. 

Her experience includes working with organic certifiers to ensure all protocols and documents are complete. As a team member, she has helped lead her coworkers on the most up-to-date nutrition concepts of economic value. 

Always sociable and cheerful, Christie brings enthusiasm and energy to every situation. She loves helping dairymen improve their production. 

Christie earned a Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science from Louisiana State University with and emphasis in dairy science nutrition. She has a Bachelor of Science, Animal Science, from Louisiana Tech University. For her outstanding work, Christie has received various honors throughout her career. She has also authored many publications.

Her hobbies include playing in the lake, fishing, taking her German shepherd and mom for long walks, entertaining with her family, and helping her husband work on their farm.