Morgan Hart

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Morgan Hart
Swine Nutritionist

Morgan is a 2018 graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (U.W.), where she received her bachelor’s degree in animal science and master’s in monogastric nutrition.

At a young age, Morgan realized she wanted to have a career working with animals. She was always volunteering to bring animals into her home, whether her mother approved of it or not. During high school she spent time raising ducks and rabbits for the county Fair but didn’t get involved with pigs until college.

Morgan likes to say she didn’t choose pigs. Pigs chose her. During college, Morgan spent time working for numerous university research labs that focused on using swine as a biomedical model for human disease. Her commercial swine experience consists of working at the U.W. Livestock Lab, Swine Teaching Center, and interning with Iowa Select Farms. After college, Morgan was a Farm Manager for a small biotech pig operation in Wisconsin before starting her position at Protekta Inc as a monogastric specialist. Currently, Morgan works as a Swine Nutritionist for the Swine Technical Team at Hubbard Feeds.

Morgan grew up in southern Wisconsin, where she and her husband currently reside with their daughter. Her hobbies outside of work include training and competing in triathlons, enjoying outdoor activities, and spending time with her family and dogs.