By Twig Marston, Ph.D., Apr 11, 2018

There are several opportunities to increase both feed efficiency and weight gain with creep feeds..READ MORE ›

By Tyler Melroe, M.S., Feb 06, 2018
The “corner post” of any cow nutrition program should be a year-round mineral program. Every rancher knows that to build a good fence, you must have a good corner post...READ MORE ›
By Twig Marston, Ph.D., Dec 01, 2017
Whether you subscribe to culling females using the Four O’s Cow Culling Program (culling open, old, ornery and oddball cows) or not, culled females have a profit potential you’ll want to maximize, just like when you sell your calf crop...READ MORE ›
By Tyler Melroe, M.S., Oct 01, 2017
Managing a herd’s fertility is a continuous process in which one must plan for changing variables, such as weather and lactation...READ MORE ›
By Cadra Van Bibber-Krueger, Ph.D., Aug 01, 2017
It’s that time of year again when calves are being weaned and forages are changing from green, nutrient-dense grass to a brown, less digestible feedstuff...READ MORE ›
By Tyler Melroe, M.S., Apr 01, 2017
Developing and breeding yearling heifers can be equally rewarding and frustrating.  The process is too timely and costly to land anywhere short of success...READ MORE ›
By Daniel Herold, Ph.D., Feb 01, 2017
The initiation of the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) in January changed the way we acquire feed-grade antibiotics...READ MORE ›