Carcass Challenge Winners

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June 18, 2024



Lubben White Oak Farms and Hubbard Feeds named Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Carcass Challenge Champion



[MANKATO, Mn.] – The Iowa Cattlemen's Association held their annual Carcass Challenge banquet and awarded six top producers with prizes in a variety of categories, with the overall champion being Neal and Lydia Grant of Lubben White Oak Farms from north of Monticello, Iowa and Hubbard Feeds.

“The Iowa Carcass Challenge is a great way for Hubbard to support the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association. This year the carcass challenge included 60+ steers from across the state that were brought to one site to be fed last November. Cattle were fed in two pens and harvested in late May, then the carcass results were gathered and shared at the annual banquet last week,” said Katie Wernimont, account manager at Hubbard Feeds.  “Hubbard has participated in this event in the past and when Lydia Grant asked me to participate this year, I was excited to see the results! It is fun to see cattlemen and women work together to showcase their product and promote the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association.”

When on pasture back at the Grant’s farm, the winning calf was fed Blueprint mineral from Hubbard Feeds. Blueprint is a targeted approach for peak performance without excess. Taking the building blocks of cattle nutrition, it programs the herd to perform from conception forward, one generation to the next. To learn more about Blueprint, visit  



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Photo Caption: Lubben White Oak Farms and Hubbard Feeds named Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Carcass Challenge Champion.


Pictured left to right: Katie Wernimont (Hubbard), Vince O’Connell (Hubbard), Neal and Lydia Grant (Lubben White Oak Farms)




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