Facts for Starting Birds


Broilers: Plan on 7 weeks for a 5-6 lb. bird eating 6-8 lbs. of feed such as Homestead® FastGrow®

Layers: Plan 16 weeks for a 3 lb. bird eating 13-15 lbs. of feed such as Homestead® Poultry Developer

Equipment needed to start with 100 baby chicks:  

  • Feeder – 180 inches
  • Waterers – 1 quart water for each 25 chicks
  • Two heat lamps – keep birds space around 90° F for first week then decrease
  • Litter/shaving (not super fine)
  • Sheet of paper
  • Brood guard (18-24 in. high cardboard)
  • Proper feed (commercial product to start)

Setup brood guard (10 ft circle), place paper over bedding (so chicks don’t eat bedding), plug in lights and fill waterers and feeders 3-4 hours before arrival. These parameters must be changed as birds become older.  This is a very quick reference.

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