Backyard Poultry FAQ

1. Why are the crude protein levels not listed in the Hubbard® Homestead Poultry feed names?

Chickens, like pigs, do not have a requirement for crude protein, but rather a requirement for the amino acids, or building blocks that make up crude protein.

There are 11 essential amino acids which must be provided daily in the poultry diets. Lysine and methionine are the two most critical amino acids. Homestead Poultry Feeds are formulated to meet these amino acid needs

2. Is Amprolium an antibiotic?

Amprolium is not an antibiotic. It is a coccidiostat which is used to treat coccidiosis, a parasite in poultry. Because it is not an antibiotic, Amprolium can be in Homestead Feeds.

3. Do I need to feed more than one feed to my birds?

Convenience and simplicity are important attributes of the Homestead Poultry Feed program. These feeds are highly fortified to meet the needs of birds that are not being raised under intense management programs.