Easylix® Rumensin® Pressed Block


Easylix® Rumensin® Pressed Block is a free choice block that improves rate of weight gain when used as directed. Ideal for pasture cattle such as stockers and replacement heifers.

About the Product

Rumensin (monensin) is a specialized type of antibiotic known as an ionophore that improves rate of weight gain in growing cattle. Rumensin® works in the following three ways: 

  1. Promotes the growth of gram negative bacteria by reducing gram positive bacteria in the rumen. Gram negative bacteria promote increased gain in cattle by increasing the amount of propionic acid produced, which acts as an energy source for cattle.
  2. Reducing methane production (an energy loss) in the rumen.
  3. Rumensin also decreases the breakdown of natural proteins in the rumen, thereby increasing the amount of by-pass protein.

Easylix Rumensin Pressed Blocks can increase the average daily gain in replacement heifers. This can result in earlier breeding, quicker entrance into milking herd and increased lifetime productivity.

When Easylix Rumensin Pressed Blocks are used for stockers, increased average daily gains can be achieved resulting in increased profits. 

Consistent Consumption
Cattle will consistently be drawn to the highly palatable Easylix Rumensin Pressed Block. Reliable consumption is achieved through the use of molasses and added salt along with other palatable ingredients.

Complete Mineral and Vitamin Supplementation
Easylix Rumensin Pressed Blocks deliver enhanced levels of minerals, vitamins and salt necessary for cattle health, growth and reproduction. No additional free-choice sources of salt or minerals are needed or recommended.

Weather Resistance and Convenience
Weather resistant Easylix Rumensin Pressed Blocks may be placed directly on the ground in the pasture, so there is no need for mineral feeders or bunks. The block is a convenient 40 pounds that can be easily moved from pasture to pasture.

Nutrient Analysis

Calcium (Ca), min % 4.7
Calcium (Ca), max % 5.7
Phosphorus (P), min % 4.0
Salt (NaCl), min % 16.6
Salt (NaCl), max % 19.9
Magnesium (Mg), min % 0.2
Potassium (K), min 1.5%
Iodine (I), min 140 ppm
Copper (Cu), min 1,000 ppm
Selenium (Se), min 13.3 ppm
Zinc (Zn), min 4,000 ppm
Vitamin A, min 100,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin D3, min 25,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin E, min 25 IU/lb.

Active Drug Ingredients

Monensin (as Monensin Sodium)...........................800 g/ton

(Each pound contains 400 mg)

Feeding Directions

Feeding and Management:

  • To be fed free choice at the rate of 3.2-8 oz. of block per head daily. This will provide 80-200 mg Monensin per head per day.
  • Feed 1 block per 5 head of cattle. This allows all animals equal access to blocks.
  • Place blocks where animals congregate. Locate blocks throughout pasture, placing them near water and loafing areas.
  • Maintain adequate distance between blocks (10 ft. minimum).
  • Do not allow animals to run out of blocks. When a block is half-consumed, place a new block near it. Place very small pieces in troughs or feed pans.
  • Feed as the only FREE CHOICE source of salt, minerals and vitamins.
  • The effectiveness of this block in cull cows and bulls has not been established.

Do not allow horses or other equines access to formulations containing Monensin. Ingestion of Monensin by equines has been fatal. Monensin-medicated cattle feed is safe for use in cattle only. Consumption by unapproved species may result in toxic reactions. Do not exceed the levels of Monensin recommended in the feeding directions as reduced average daily gains may result. A withdrawal time has not been established for pre-ruminating calves. Do not use in calves to be processed for veal. Consumption of selenium should not exceed 3 mg per head per day.


Product Number

#11427 — Easylix® Rumensin® Pressed Block, 40 lb.