Goat Facts

Lifespan: 8-12 years

Estrus 'heat' cycle: 18-23 days

Length of heat: 12-36 hours

Gestation:  145-155 days

Birth weight:  Around 5-8 lb. (Breed dependent)

Puberty: 4-12 months

Weaning age:  Around 4-5 months (Breed dependent)

Weaning weight:  30-40 lb.

Average Daily Gain (ADG):  0.2-0.5 lb./day

Body Temperature: 102.5-104 degrees F

Pulse/Heart Rate: 60-80 beats per minute

Respiration Ration: 15-30 breaths per minute

Dehorn:  Around 3-5 days

A group of goats is called a “trip”

The fat molecules in goat milk are five times smaller than the fat molecules in cow milk.  Thus goat milk is broken down in the stomach in 20 minutes versus about 60 minutes for cow milk.