Game Bird Tips

There are a variety of reasons for raising game birds.  Careful management of these birds is important to keep them healthy on the inside, and proper feather coloration on the outside. 

Whether raising pheasants, quail, peafowl or chukars, these tips and tools can help you get the most from your game birds.

Download the Hubbard Life® Specialty Feeding Chart

Game Bird Full Life Cycle Feeding

Product Pheasants, Quail or Peafowl for Meat Pheasants, Quail, Chukars or Peafowl for Release
Game Bird Starter Hatch through 5 weeks Hatch through 8 weeks
Game Bird Grower 6 weeks of age to market  
Game Bird Breeder 1 month before, continuing through the breeding season  
Game Bird Flight   9 weeks until release

Specialty Animal Feeding Chart

New Hubbard® Life Product Improvement/Benefit
Gamebird Starter (39863)
Gamebird Grower (39864)
Gamebird  Breeder (39865)
Gamebird Flight(39866)
Pheasant Starter w/ AM (40444)
Pheasant Grower w/ AM (40445)
Added Chelates and Primalac® in all Gamebird Feeds
Pigeon Pellets (40533)
Pigeon Grain Mix (39869)
Added Chelates and Yeast
Ratite Grower/Breeder (39871) Added Chelates and Yeast
Chinchilla Pellets (39872) Added Tasco®
Guinea Pig Pellets (39873) Added Chelates & Yeast
Llama Nutrient Pellets (39878) Added Yeast
Alpaca Crumbles (39782) Added Yeast
Rat & Mouse Cubes (40534) Added Chelates
17% Deer Pellets (39879)
14% Wild Deer Pellets (39880)
Added Chelates & Yeast
Added Chelates & Yeast
14% Bison Grower (40537)
12% Bison Cubes (40827)
Stockmaster® Pasture Mineral (70P0)
Added Chelates & Yeast
Added Yeast
Added Bison to Feeding Directions
NutriPreme® (40535) Added Omega Fats & Vitamin E Improved Cal/Phos Ratio