By Jon Pretz, PH.D., Oct 02, 2019
Over the past several years, on-farm income for dairy producers has been less than ideal due to lower-than-average milk prices nationwide. In order to remain in business during tough times, it is sometimes necessary to turn to novel nutritional strategies when considering ways to increase feed efficiency and lower the cost of production. ..READ MORE ›
By Twig Marston, Ph.D., Aug 15, 2019
In the cattle business, there are few things as rewarding as getting weaned calves and newly arrived feeder cattle off to a good start. The first 30–45 days after weaning and/or commingling can set the tone for calves’ lifelong health, performance and profitability...READ MORE ›
By James Gaspers, Ph.D., Jun 13, 2019

The stocker cattle segment of the beef industry takes young, lightweight, weaned calves and devel..READ MORE ›

By Ellan Dufour, M.S., Apr 23, 2019

Young calves are around 70–75 percent water by bodyweight and must be well-hydrated in order to s..READ MORE ›

By Cadra Van Bibber-Krueger, Ph.D., Oct 17, 2018
With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about protein and energy supplementation again...READ MORE ›
By Lori Stevermer, Oct 11, 2018
While manure is a by-product of animal production, high quality manure doesn’t just happen, it takes a bit of work and expertise...READ MORE ›
By Jon Pretz, PH.D., Sep 17, 2018
Trace mineral nutrition and its application in dairy rations continues to receive significant attention through research and its implementation in the field...READ MORE ›
By Daniel Herold, Ph.D., Jun 20, 2018

Cow-calf producers often simply view ..READ MORE ›

By Twig Marston, Ph.D., Apr 11, 2018

There are several opportunities to increase both feed efficiency and weight gain with creep feeds..READ MORE ›

By Tyler Melroe, M.S., Feb 06, 2018
The “corner post” of any cow nutrition program should be a year-round mineral program. Every rancher knows that to build a good fence, you must have a good corner post...READ MORE ›