Calf Res-Q® Electrolyte


CALF RES-Q® Oral Electrolyte/Nutrient Supplement provides quick energy, electrolytes, DFM’s and buffering agents to support rehydration in calves with scours.

About the Product


Diarrhea, or scours, can occur in young calves and in most cases is due to an infectious agent present in the intestinal tract of the calf. One of the side effects of scours is dehydration, and in severe cases, calves may die in as few as 12 hours due to the combined effects of the infection and dehydration. In its chronic form, scours may last for several days, which can also lead to gradual dehydration and malnutrition.

It is important to rehydrate the calf as quickly as possible to assist in the recovery from scours. Based on severity, this can be accomplished through intravenous, subcutaneous, and/or oral administration of fluids and electrolytes.

Calf Res-Q is an oral electrolyte and nutrient supplement formulated to promote absorption of fluids and minerals that are critical in re-establishing electrolyte balance in the calf. It also provides energy and buffering agents to help sustain the calf through the period of scours.

Calf Res-Q Contains Omni-bos® DFM

Omni-bos is a direct fed microbial (DFM) that has been specifically developed for the neonatal calf. It consists of a combination of unique Bacillus subtilis strains, which are stable bacteria allowing for delivery of viable bacteria to the calf. Increasing numbers of specific Bacillus bacteria in the gut of young calves aids in establishing and maintaining a more balanced microbial gut population. A positive microbial balance leads to competitive exclusion of undesirable bacteria, increasing resistance to enteric disease. The end result is more efficient nutrient utilization by the calf. Omni-bos is proven to remain stable and viable in an electrolyte formulation.

Omni-bos is a registered trademark of Agtech Products, Inc.

Nutrient Analysis

Calcium, min % 0.20
Calcium, max % 0.70
Sodium (Na), min % 5.25
Sodium (Na), max % 6.25
Potassium (K), min % 1.90
Magnesium, min % 0.01
Bacillus subtilis, min 3.03 x 107 CFU*/gram

*CFU = colony forming units

Feeding Directions


  • Use at first indication of scours. It is important not to delay.
  • Use after any sudden weight loss.


  • Do not feed to bloated or upper gastrointestinal obstructed animals.


Mix 3.5 ounces CALF RES-Q well with 2.0 quarts of 100° to 110° F. water. The solution is suitable for nursing bottles and pails.

For chronic scours, use in conjunction with an appropriate scour treatment program.

CALF RES-Q Oral Electrolyte/Nutrient Supplement According To The Chart Below:

First sign of scours Rehydrate and consult a veterinarian. 2.0 quarts CALF RES-Q every 12 hours in addition to normal milk replacer feeding schedule. 2.0 quarts CALF RES-Q every 12 hours in addition to normal milk replacer feeding schedule. 2.0 quarts CALF RES-Q every 12 hours in addition to normal milk replacer feeding schedule. Hubbard milk replacer.
  • Use solution within 12 hours or discard because the solution will support bacterial growth.
  • Store in a cool, dry area. CALF RES-Q powder will cake rapidly if left in an open container. Reseal container immediately.
  • Not for human use — for veterinary use only.
Product Number

#8N24—Calf Res-Q®, 36 x 3.5 oz. 

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