Select Starters

Hubbard Select Liquid Supplements

Select Starters are designed to stimulate feed consumption and provide some of the electrolytes and vitamins (including B vitamins) which are depleted in a stressed animal.

About the Product

Separating a calf from its mother on the range, followed in rapid succession by being transported many miles, going through an auction ring, and ending up in a feedlot without either milk or grass to eat, where it is vaccinated, and sometimes even castrated and dehorned, is a traumatic experience and stress of the highest order. Such animals suffer from a lack of feed and water, resulting in a gradual loss of body fluids and various electrolytes, particularly potassium. In addition, diarrhea may develop which further increases such losses. As a result of dehydration, diarrhea and exposure to infections, cattle may not feel like eating or drinking.

Rations for animals under stress should be formulated to provide the best chance for the return of the digestive system to normality. To achieve this, the ration should provide a balance of nutrients ideally suited to promote normal rumen fermentation. The sooner you can get them started eating, the better.


Select Starters are ideal for starting newly arrived cattle on feed. It also helps reestablish intake in cattle which have gone off feed due to other stressful situations, such as inclement weather, ration changes, disease, etc.


Cattle can be fed Select Starters immediately upon arrival at the feed lot. The palatable nature of these products will encourage consumption of any grain or roughage on which it is sprayed.

Choice of Additives

Proper use of feed additives can increase weight gain and feed utilization; refer to product tag for specific claim. Select Starter Liquid Supplement is available with feed additives at FDA-approved levels.

Nutrient Analysis

  #082U #082V #0895 #84P0
Crude Protein, min % 12.00 12.00 12.00 32.00
Non-Protein Nitrogen, max % 4.50 8.00 4.50 29.50
Crude Fat, min % 0.10 0.10 0.10 0.10
Calcium, min-max % 0.25-0.75 5.00-6.00 0.01-0.05 5.00-6.00
Phosphorus, min % 0.50 0.50 0.30 0.20
Salt, min-max % 1.50-2.00     5.00-6.00
Potassium (K), min % 2.50 2.50 2.00 2.50
Copper (Cu), min, ppm   190 100 190
Zinc (Zn), min, ppm   1,050 520 1,050
Vitamin A, min IU/lb.   100,000 40,000 80,000
Vitamin D, min IU/lb.   25,000 10,000 20,000
Vitamin E, min IU/lb.   400 160 320
Thiamin, min mg/lb.   150 75 150
Feeding Directions

Select Free-Choice Starter Supplement (#0895) can be fed in free-choice lick feeders or sprayed on roughage or grains at levels from 5 to 10 percent of total mixed ration. May also be used for free choice lick wheel feeding.

Select Starter Feed Conditioner (#082U), Select Starter Supplement (#082V) and Select 32% Ca 5.5 Starter (#84P0) can be mixed with grain and roughage. See tag for mixing instructions.

Note: Select Free-Choice Starter Supplement (#0895) is non medicated. Newly arrived feedlot cattle should be treated according to veterinary instructions.

Provide fresh, clean water at all times. Also provide a free-choice mineral supplement containing adequate levels of calcium, phosphorus and salt. Select Starters are designed to benefit newly arrived cattle from day 1 to day 30 after arrival. However, Select Starters can be fed for longer periods.

Use of this product will raise the moisture content of feeds to which it is applied. If anticipated final feed moisture is to exceed 12% and storage for periods longer than 2 to 3 days is expected, special consideration to the inclusion of preservatives in needed. Your sales representative will provide assistance if needed.


This product, which contains added copper, must not be fed to sheep or related species that have a low tolerance level to copper.

Product Number

#082U—Starter Feed Conditioner
#082V—Starter Supplement
#0895—Free-Choice Starter Supplement
#84P0—Select 32% Ca 5.5 Starter

All products may not be available in all market areas and other products may be offered. Check with your local Hubbard shipping plant or sales representative.

Please Note: This product information sheet is meant to serve as a general overview and is not intended to replace the product label. Always refer directly to the product label for the most up-to-date nutrient content and feeding directions.