Calf VTM-WM is a vitamin and trace mineral supplement for calves being fed pasteurized whole or waste milk. 

About the Product

Why Use Calf VTM-WM?
Utilizing a pasteurizer and feeding whole or waste milk is a popular way to feed calves. Because the milk is coming from multiple sources and milkings, solids content and therefore nutrient levels can vary. In addition, the heating process associated with pasteurization may impact vitamin activity. Calf VTM-WM will supply a consistent source of vitamins and trace minerals and minimize the likelihood of any nutrient deficiencies from occurring due to milk with low solids content or overheating from pasteurization.

Contains Trace Minerals
Complexed trace minerals are added to ensure optimal function of the immune system. Calf VTM-WM also contains selenium yeast to support muscle development and growth.

Nutrient Analysis

Crude Protein, min % 1.0
Crude Fiber, min % % 0.5
Calcium, max % 0.1
Phosphorus, min % 0.05
Vitamin A (min) 500,000IU/lb.
Feeding Directions

Feed 4.5 grams of Calf VTM-WM per calf per day in pasteurized whole milk.

For large operations, feed 1 scoop (enclosed scoop holds ~ 80 grams) of Calf VTM-WM per 35 calves twice a day. Blend Calf VTM-WM into the milk solution and make sure all the powder has gone into solution before feeding to calves. Continue agitation of solution until all calves have been fed to assure that every calf gets a consistent level of nutrition.

1 pound of Calf VTM-WM feeds 100 calves per day or 200 feedings per day.


The use of unpasteurized whole milk can be a source of pathogens within the calf operation. It is strongly encouraged that any milk fed to calves be properly pasteurized. In addition, whole milk can vary in nutrient levels and solids content.

Calves perform best when fed a consistent, clean and biosecure milk solution.

This product is formulated specifically for calves and should be fed only to calves.

Store the powder in a cool, dry place for maximum shelf life and performance. Do not leave the container unsealed once it is opened.

Product Number

#29151–Calf VTM-WM, 50 lb. bag or 25 lb. pail

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