Summit® Equine Blocks

Summit Equine Blocks

Summit® Equine Blocks are a revolutionary way to provide essential nutrients to horses.

What sets them apart is their use of 100% organic trace minerals with two variations available - the protein block and the vitamin and mineral block. 

About the Product

Features & Benefits

What truly differentiates the Summit Equine pressed blocks from traditional feed supplements is the small amounts of molasses. While molasses can be a common ingredient in many equine supplements, its high sugar content can pose concerns for horses, particularly those prone to metabolic issues. By dialing back molasses from their pressed blocks, Summit Equine has created a healthier and more beneficial solution for providing essential nutrients to horses, without the potential drawbacks associated with excessive sugar intake.

The use of 100% organic trace minerals further underscores the commitment of Hubbard Feeds SUMMIT Equine to providing high-quality, natural nutrition for horses. Organic trace minerals are known for their superior bioavailability, ensuring that horses can efficiently absorb and utilize these essential nutrients. This not only enhances the effectiveness of the pressed blocks but also reflects a dedication to promoting the overall health and performance of horses through advanced nutritional offerings. With today’s high standards of performance horses you can have peace of mind knowing that these pressed blocks promote gut health during times of stress and our patented technologies are formulated to quicken muscle recovery after intense workouts.

Summit Equine pressed blocks have emerged as a leading choice for conscientious horse owners seeking an effective and natural approach to equine nutrition. With their protein block and vitamin and mineral block, both offering unique benefits and optimal consumption rates, these pressed blocks cater to the diverse needs of horses, from performance athletes to leisure companions. By prioritizing organic trace minerals and eschewing molasses, Summit Equine has set a new standard for equine nutrition, providing a reliable and beneficial solution that complements the care and well-being of horses.

Summit Protein Block: 18% protein content and a recommended 1lb a day consumption rate, has been applauded for its ability to meet the dietary needs of performance horses. Protein is a critical component of a horse's diet, playing a vital role in muscle development, tissue repair, and overall health. With the Summit Equine protein block, horse owners can ensure that their equine athletes receive the necessary protein intake to support their active lifestyle and peak performance. Not only does this protein block boast 18% protein, but you don’t have to skip on the vitamins necessary for their diet either as this block is also formulated with a full vitamin and mineral package. Summit Protein Block also contains Actigen® - an Alltech technology that boasts gut health and nutrient utilization.

Summit Vitamin and Mineral Block: Packed with a full vitamin and mineral packet, it offers a balanced blend of essential nutrients that are crucial for the overall health and well-being of horses. With a mere 4 oz. consumption rate, this block provides a convenient and effective way to ensure that horses receive the vitamins and minerals they need for optimal health and vitality. This becomes particularly important since many equine diets may be lacking in certain key nutrients. The Summit Equine vitamin and mineral block addresses this gap, offering a simple yet powerful solution for supplementing a horse's diet with vital micronutrients.

Nutrient Analysis

  Summit Protein Block Summit Mineral Block

Crude Protein, min %



Crude Fat, min %



Crude Fiber, max %



Acid Detergent Fiber, max %



Calcium (Ca), min %



Calcium, (Ca), max %



Phosphorus (P), min %


Salt, min 12.0 9.5
Salt, max 14.4 11.4
Magnesium, min, % -- 1.0
Potassium, min, % -- 1.0

Copper, min

45 PPM

900 PPM

Selenium, min

0.6 PPM

9.9 PPM

Zinc (Zn), min

310 PPM

2,750 PPM

Vitamin A, min

30,000 IU/LB

100,000 IU/LB

Vitamin D, min

1,100 IU/LB

18,000 IU/LB

Vitamin E, min

160 IU/LB

300 IU/LB
Feeding Directions

Summit Protein Block: 

Offer the Summit Horse Protein TRT Pressed at the rate of 1 block per five head of horses in areas where they drink, eat, and rest. For the first week, offer only enough blocks so that each adult horse consumes 1 lbs daily, then feed free choice so that the average consumption is 2-3 lbs/head/day. Block placement and the number of blocks provided per pasture can control consumption. Provide plain, white salt and fresh, clean water at all times.


Summit Mineral Block:

Offer free choice at all times in areas where horses graze, drink and rest. Adult horses should consume approximately 3 oz/head/day. Feeding 3 ounces will provide the legal maximum of 3 mg added Selenium per head per day. Weanlings and yearlings should consume 1-1 1/2 oz/head/day. Consumption can be controlled by number and location of blocks.

General Guidelines

Follow label directions. The addition to feed of higher levels of this premix containing added selenium is not permitted.


These products, which contain added copper, should not be fed to sheep or related species that have a low tolerance to copper.

These products have been formulated specifically for horses and are not intended for other species.

Product Number

#53464—Summit® Protein Block, 33.3 lbs
#53468—Summit® Mineral Block, 20 lbs

Please Note: This product information sheet is meant to serve as a general overview and is not intended to replace the product label. Always refer directly to the product label for the most up-to-date nutrient content and feeding directions.