Dog Feed Management


Puppies should be fed a commercial diet especially formulated for puppies, such as Hubbard Life® Puppy Food.

Puppies' nutrient requirements their first year of life are twice that of adult dogs. They need a higher level of protein to develop strong muscular systems. Since puppies are so active, they require more energy, especially during this rapid stage of growth.

Follow the suggested feeding recommendations on the label. Generally, puppies will start consuming dry or moistened puppy food at three to four weeks of age. They should be allowed to consume all they want until weaning, usually at six to eight weeks of age.

Feed puppies up to six months of age all the dry or moistened food they will consume three times daily. Puppies may be fed moistened or dry food twice daily from six to twelve months. Provide fresh, clean water at all times.  Take care not to feed larger breed dogs a puppy feed past about six months to help keep leg and structure problems to a minimum.

Adult Dogs

Feeding adult dogs is generally easy to accomplish in a satisfactory manner. Most adult dogs should be fed according to the feeding recommendations on the label. Active dogs or large breeds may require two feedings per day.

Hubbard Life Premium Adult, Hubbard Life Happy Hound and Hubbard Life Maintenance dog foods are all excellent choices for feeding adult dogs with normal to moderate activity levels.

Hubbard Life High Energy dog food should be fed to adult dogs with high activity levels such as gestation, lactation, show dogs or active hunting dogs, etc.

Provide fresh, clean water at all times.