Healthy Farms Manure Management Products


Activator Plus, Agra Sphere and Agra Slat are products formulated for the inoculation, activation and maintenance of agricultural waste storage systems.

About the Product

Activator Plus:  Contains specifically selected microbial isolates that inoculate, activate and enhance the breakdown of suspended organic solids found in nutrient rich retention waste and sludge.

Activator Plus is an all-natural ready-to-use product that also modifies the adverse effects of excessive gas production, foaming and associated odors.


Agra Sphere:  Has a patented time-released technology that provides 24/7 continuous activation while being eco-friendly in the biodegradable sphere. The Agra Sphere product is designed to maintain a crust free unit after the heavy crust has been treated with Activator Plus.  It is designed for treating waste systems by delivering the time-released bacteria where it is needed most, within the sludge layer.


Agra Slat:  Designed to reduce sludge build-up, prevent crusting and liquefy slurry in systems with limited access. Its slim profile fits through slats and it works where there is no access point for the Agra Sphere.

Benefits of Activator Plus, Agra Sphere and Agra Slat:

  • Reduced sludge build-up
  • Prevents crusting
  • Reduces flies and odors
  • Extremely easy to use
  • 100% natural and safe for all animals
Feeding Directions

Activator Plus—Deep Pit Containment:  For each 1000 head grow finish barn or 400,000 gallons of storage capacity apply 100 pounds of Activator Plus with three treatment periods. Apply 50 pounds on the first treatment and 25 pound for each of the additional two treatments during the year.

Agra Sphere—Deep Pit Containment:  For grower and finisher barns use 1 Agra Sphere for every 200 grower/finisher spaces. Repeat in 180 days. 

Agra Slat—Deep Pit Containment:  For swine farrowing, gestation and breeding barns, use two Agra Slats for every 80 hd.  For nursery grower and finisher barns use two Agra Slats for every 200 hd.  Repeat in 180 days.
To calculate storage volume, measure and multiply: Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons

Activator Plus, Agra Sphere and Agra Slat are manufactured by Bioverse, Inc.


Not for animal consumption.  For more information, please visit:

Product Number

#35473—Activator Plus, 25 lb.
#35474—Agra Sphere, 6 spheres, 13 lb.
#45020—Agra Slat, 12 slats

Please Note: This product information sheet is meant to serve as a general overview and is not intended to replace the product label. Always refer directly to the product label for the most up-to-date nutrient content and feeding directions.