Seco-Sorb is a moisture absorbent that can be used in a variety of situations.

About the Product

The quality of an animal’s productivity is directly related to its environment. Reducing moisture supports a stable, healthy environment and assists in decreasing the pathogens that the animal might be exposed to. Seco-Sorb is a high quality ready-to-use moisture absorbent that reduces the potential for growth of bacteria, mold and fungus. Seco-Sorb can be used in a variety of building types and animal species. When to Use

  • On piglets immediately after birth
  • Use on comfort mats & flooring in all stages of pork production
  • On dairy cow bedding to reduce environmental moisture
  • In poultry barns to reduce ammonia odor

Features & Benefits

  •  Drying ability
  • Conserves body heat of newborn piglets – decreases risk of chilling
  • Reduces environmental moisture, which reduces the likelihood of bacterial growth
  • Absorbs more than its own weight in water. Drying of wet surfaces reduces chance of injury to the animal/caretaker
  • Animal friendly - all ingredients classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe)
  • Use for all species
  • Pleasant fragrance

Key Functional Components: Mineral Absorbents, Vegetable Absorbents, Zinc & Essential Oils

Feeding Directions

For Swine: Hold newborn piglets over a container and rub Seco-Sorb on the pig vigorously from the neck to the tail until the pig is dry. Sprinkle Seco-Sorb on comfort mats and/or flooring to soak up moisture due to scouring, urination or water.

For All Other Species: Sprinkle Seco-Sorb on bedding and/or flooring to soak up moisture due to scouring, urination or water.

Product Number

#40925 – Seco-Sorb, 40lb.

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