AllBite is a molasses-based block designed to discourage vice behaviors, such as tail biting, in pigs. Its unique design and its delivery system attract pigs and encourage them to chew on the block. Timely use of AllBite blocks can round out a sound animal welfare program. 

About the Product

Vice behavior

Vice behavior — tail biting, in particular — can affect a single pig or an entire pen of pigs, and it can be either very sporadic in nature or a chronic problem. Tail biting is one of the top behavioral problems among grow-finish pigs and can lead to economic losses as a result of carcass condemnation, secondary infections, reduced gains and death loss.   

Numerous contributing factors have been shown to increase the prevalence of tail biting, including:

•    Lack of tail docking, or docking to inconsistent lengths
•    Nutrition (e.g., out of feed events, nutrient deficiency, etc.)
•    Increased stocking density and overcrowding
•    Extreme temperatures
•    Poor ventilation (poor air quality, drafts, humidity)
•    Light (too dim/too bright; less than six hours of darkness per day)
•    Health challenges

Why an AllBite block?

•    Changes pig behavior by adding a new stimulus to the environment
•    Allows pigs to exhibit foraging behaviors and to bite and chew on the block instead of their pen-mates
•    Provides a nutritional solution that includes functional ingredients known to calm pigs
•    Provides a more reliable, cost-effective method by only supplementing the pens that exhibit the vice behaviors
•    Can be used in all-natural or ABF systems

Nutrient Analysis

Crude Protein, min % 4.0
Crude Fat, min 0.05
Crude Fiber, max % 2.0
Calcium, min % 6.50
Calcium, max % 7.80
Magnesium, min % 7.50
Feeding Directions

For the most effective results, AllBite should be used at the first sign of vice behaviors.

Hang a minimum of 1 block for every 25 grow-finish pigs or breeding animals. AllBite should be hung from the fence or ceiling with a chain using an attachment that allows the block to move freely. The result is uniform consumption, which prevents AllBite from detaching from the chain. Depending on the situation, additional blocks may be beneficial. 

AllBite will be consumed the most rapidly over the first three to four days, after which, consumption will taper off. 

Product Number

#65821 - AllBite

Please Note: This product information sheet is meant to serve as a general overview and is not intended to replace the product label. Always refer directly to the product label for the most up-to-date nutrient content and feeding directions.