Nursery Pigs
By Sharlie Hansen, M.S., Sep 19, 2019
Powerstart Solo is a singular product created via a precise blend of multiple technologies. Traditional feeding…READ MORE ›
Pig & AllBite
By Lori Stevermer, Jul 22, 2019
Tail-biting can affect either a single pig or an entire pen. It can be sporadic or chronic, but one thing is certain:…READ MORE ›
Start Stop Continue
By Stewart Galloway, Ph.D., May 28, 2019

The Start-Stop-Continue exercise is a simple but useful tool for both personal and team developmeREAD MORE ›

Finisher Pig Care
By Jamie Pietig, M.S., May 13, 2019
Due to the changing dynamics of today’s workforce, many of our animal care workers have limited experience with pigs. READ MORE ›
By Lori Stevermer, Feb 07, 2019

A universal truth exists in swine production: Pigs must eat and drink, not only to survive, but tREAD MORE ›

Nursery Pigs
By Dr. Andrew Bents, Jan 22, 2019
For those closely associated with the swine industry, it comes as no surprise that a recent monitoring project done by…READ MORE ›
Nursery Pig
By Jamie Pietig, M.S., Nov 27, 2018
Daily pig care should focus on four areas: feed, water, environment and animal care. Providing for the basic needs of…READ MORE ›
By Lori Stevermer, Oct 11, 2018
While manure is a by-product of animal production, high quality manure doesn’t just happen, it takes a bit of work and…READ MORE ›
By Stewart Galloway, Ph.D., Sep 18, 2018

It’s been a tough time for pig farmers lately, with low hog markets — and even tougher for those READ MORE ›