Nursery Pig
By Ernie Hansen, M.S., Sep 21, 2022
Continuously challenging accepted norms is often the instigation of new technologies. For example, the most accepted…READ MORE ›
Swine Production
By Morgan Hart, Jul 18, 2022
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Finisher Pigs
By Stewart Galloway, Ph.D., May 17, 2022
Split-sex feeding, the practice of feeding barrows and gilts differently, used to be a more common production practice…READ MORE ›
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Finisher Pig
By Jamie Pietig, M.S., Dec 06, 2021
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Pigs at LLRC
By Ernie Hansen, M.S., Sep 20, 2021
Although the LLRC-1 wean-to-finish research barn is fully filtered, the reality is that it only takes one positive case…READ MORE ›
By , Jul 20, 2021
While the pork industry is very good at gathering data on productivity to drive progress, vice behavior is one problem…READ MORE ›
Finisher Pigs
By Henrique Cemin, Ph.D., May 17, 2021
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