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By Dr. Andrew Bents, Jan 17, 2022
We live in a fascinating time in agriculture, and the swine industry is no exception. While we have faced many challenges across all facets of the industry, we have continued to see advancements in genetics, husbandry practices, nutrition and health, leading to a relative surge in productivity. ..READ MORE ›

By Twig Marston, Ph.D., Dec 13, 2021
Cattle producers depend on effective and economical supplementation programs to meet the challenges that winter presents. When formulating supplementation programs, producers must consider a host of factors to meet their cowherds’ needs. ..READ MORE ›

By Jamie Pietig, M.S., Dec 06, 2021
An open and curious mind is an asset worth having, even if it sometimes leads to taking more (calculated) risks. This isn’t easy for nutritionists and feed specialists, because we don’t want to risk poor performance for our customers. As a result, we instinctually retreat to the old ways or toward conventional wisdom. However, oftentimes, the first step toward progress is unlearning what we thought we already knew. ..READ MORE ›