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By Stewart Galloway, Ph.D., May 17, 2022
Split-sex feeding, the practice of feeding barrows and gilts differently, used to be a more common production practice. However, in recent years, fewer farms have implemented this feeding strategy. ..READ MORE ›

By Jon Pretz, PH.D., May 11, 2022
Summertime is quickly approaching, but is your facility prepared for the next heatwave? In the dairy industry, heat stress is one of the leading causes of decreased milk production and fertility in the summer months. In the United States, more than $1 billion is lost annually as a result of poor performance during periods of heat stress. ..READ MORE ›

By Tyler Melroe, M.S., Apr 01, 2022
Observing dry matter intakes (DMI) can help tell us a lot about what is going on with the cattle, like what kind of cattle they are and their surrounding environment. Beyond observation, managing DMI is critical to optimizing performance and improving profitability...READ MORE ›