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By Ellan Dufour, M.S., Dec 06, 2023
The lower critical temperature of a young dairy calf is 50°F, which means that at temperatures below this benchmark, the calf’s energy requirement begins to increase in order to maintain core body temperature. As winter temperatures fall, a calf uses more energy for maintenance, resulting in less energy available for growth and immune function. ..READ MORE ›

By Dr. Andrew Bents, Nov 13, 2023
Our swine industry is one of constant improvement, and with those improvements come unforeseen consequences. One exciting trend has been the continual increase year after year in total pigs born per litter. However, as litter sizes continue to increase, so too does the time it takes the sow to complete the farrowing process...READ MORE ›

By Jon Pretz, PH.D., Nov 01, 2023
As winter approaches in the United States, there are measures dairy producers can take to prepare for the cold days and nights ahead. Categories to consider as the colder months get closer include housing, management, and nutrition. When temperatures decline, dairy cows divert their energy to maintain normal body temperatures...READ MORE ›