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By Janna Block, Ph.D., Jan 30, 2024
The last trimester of gestation has a major influence on the future reproductive performance of the cow, as well as the performance of her newborn calf. The start of the late gestation period is the last opportunity to ensure that the nutrient requirements are being met for both the cow and the developing calf...READ MORE ›

By Jon Pretz, PH.D., Jan 24, 2024
A new year brings excitement and opportunity, but as a dairy owner, it can also come with apprehension. Dairy producers across the United States continue to face countless challenges as they experience a quiet milk market and the potential of shrinking margins. Many people expected 2023 to be hard, and it is looking like similar concerns are flowing over into 2024..READ MORE ›

By Ben Jensen, Jan 10, 2024
Silage, and the fermentation process to make the plant into silage, is an odd piece of the farm by today’s standards. Technology and competition continue to drive the industry, making us better and more productive even with less resources to feed a growing world. Progress is measured with benchmarks over time, and silage is flat-out hard to measure. ..READ MORE ›