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By Ben Jensen, Nov 29, 2021
For all businesses, inventory is a crucial part of the day-to-day and year-to-year operations. Without product to sell — or worse yet, parts or ingredients to make saleable items — a company cannot survive. Livestock agriculture is no different and, in fact, should be even more inventory-conscious than some sectors, as many of our feedstuffs are harvested once a year and are used over the course of 12 to 15 months. ..READ MORE ›

By Angie Golombeski, Ph.D., Nov 10, 2021
Utilizing high-quality forages presents the largest opportunity for ration cost-savings on-farm. While still important when determining forage quality, the dry matter, protein and/or starch content are not the only measures to consider. ..READ MORE ›

By Ellan Dufour, M.S., Oct 19, 2021
In the Unites States, most dairy heifers in the pre-weaning phase are fed milk replacer rather than whole milk. Some of the major considerations behind this management decision include convenience, consistency, biosecurity and economics. ..READ MORE ›