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By Morgan Hart, Jan 17, 2023
Replacement gilts are essential for maintaining the productivity of the sow herd. Many producers experience a high loss of sows from their herd, which increases the number of replacement gilts that are needed each year as a result. However, having replacement gilts with less-than-optimal qualities increases the likelihood of those animals not making it into the herd...READ MORE ›

By Angie Golombeski, Ph.D., Jan 09, 2023
The 2022 corn silage harvest has been completed, and this year’s crop is now either in storage or being fed. Dry weather conditions throughout most of the Midwest allowed for an adequate harvest window this year. Since the harvest, there has been much talk about how well this year’s silage has been testing and feeding compared to previous years’ silage. ..READ MORE ›

By James Gaspers, Ph.D., Dec 09, 2022
Feed-yard operators and ranchers rarely end the day having only completed a few tasks. However, bedding cattle is often put on the backburner and/or is considered a weather-dependent chore. However, bedding is one of the “little things in life that matter” and has a major impact on cattle health, performance and profitability year-round...READ MORE ›